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Why Us?

There are many online companies who claim to be drone professionals who do nothing more than hire out pilots (some experienced, some not) from all across the country much like in the way ride shares hires it's drivers. The only requirement they ask from the pilot is that they have the FAA part 107 license, insurance and a drone. They have never met the pilots nor do they know what their abilities are. Companies who don't know their pilots personally may not give you the service you deserve.

How do the other guys work?

You call them or schedule a time slot online and you are given a price (usually it's pretty high). The online drone "scheduler" messages a drone pilot in your area and they come out to do the job for you and that's it. The pilot is the only one you have personal contact with and when he or she is finished flying, the pilot has nothing more to do with the job.

Here's the kicker though; When you call the drone company, they want their money up front (bad business!). If the fee is $600.00, the drone pilot only gets $100 or less and they bear all the costs associated with the flight; the travel, insurance, registration and the maintenance on the drone. The drone scheduler bears very little of the costs and takes the lion's share of the fee. 
Sometimes, the client (you) may not get your prints or videos for a couple weeks. and the drone "scheduler" is extremely hard to contact, you have to go through a gauntlet of robotic messages before you get to speak to maybe 1 of the 4 people in their "nationwide call center".

Sky Harbor Solutions Inc. is a very personal company. The owners are also pilots and the employees/contractors work directly for 
Sky Harbor Solutions Inc.. Jobs are not "scheduled" out to pilots they don't know. They have training standards for their new pilots and get to know them personally, so, they know exactly what they are capable of and they know what is expected of them for providing you the best possible customer service. More often than not, the price of the service is less expensive than the online scheduler! 
If you have any issues with any project you need attention on, call us and a live person will answer the phone the first time, every time. There is no automation on OUR phone system! (If the call goes to voice mail, we will return the call within the hour). We are people just like you and we like to be treated just like you!  

Let your first drone hiring experience be the best experience with 

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