Real Estate Aerial Photography

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum.**
Land Photography over 10 acres: $275* per hour.**
Generally a real estate project on a quarter acre property takes only 1 hour to complete. The total cost with flight+processing+Tax=$369.25 
A small price to pay to give your customers a unique perspective of an incredible property!
Price includes stills from various angles and altitudes and a 2-3 minute video with background music and text tags.

Weddings and Family Events

Bronze Package: $499* Up to 1 hour flight time. 1 hour editing. 3 minute video. 15 edited still shots.**

Silver Package: $799* Up to 2 hours of flight time. 2 hours of editing, 5 minute video. 30 still shots.**

Gold Package: $999* Up to 3 hours of flight time. 3.5 Hours of editing. Up to 7 minute video. 50 still shots. 1 5X7 Matte finished print**

Platinum Package: $1499* Open Flight (4-8 hours) Open editing (5-8 hours). 15-30 minute edited video. 75 edited photos, All raw photos & video footage. 1 11X14 Matte, framed photo of your choice.**

Bridal Package:
$2599* (Requires deposit)
Open Flight (8-12 hours)
Open editing (8-12 hours) 15-30 minute video
150 edited photos, all raw photos and video footage.
3 11X14 Matte, framed photos of your choice.**

Ultimate Bride/Groom/Family Package
$7,999* (requires deposit)
2 pilots/videographers will spend 3 days with you and your family documenting fun times and memorable moments leading up to the event.
Both aerial and ground footage will take place, all videoed in ultimate 4K UHD video. A documentary style video will be produced and published (if you wish) to You Tube. All raw footage will be released to you with a copyright transfer authorization. 
**$1,999 per day for each additional day (within New England).
***Travel outside of New England extra (ask for details. Travel can be anywhere, but some UAS flight restrictions may apply due to local laws)

Family Vacation:
Call for a quote.
Thinking about going on a family vacation? How many times have you wanted everyone in the video or the photos, but there wasn't anyone there to stand behind the camera to document the entire family? 
New England Drone Works, LLC and Yankee Clipper Photography have teamed together to free you and your family up to just have fun and enjoy your vacation while we do all all photography/videography! Imagine, you'll be able to do the things you want without ever having to worry about capturing those very special or candid moments! 

Construction site survey

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum.
Video and photo editing $150* per hour**

Radio Tower inspection

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum.
Video and photo editing $150* per hour**
Photomosaic surveys are extra-call for more details.

Land Trust surveys

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum.
Video and photo editing $150* per hour**
Bank/Landowner deed/trust form transfers w/aerial photos $50 per photo, per transfer. Photo purchase $500 per photo (Full ownership)
Property mapping: Call for appointment 207-951-5002.

agricultural inspection

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum, up to 10 acres.**
Flight time: $275*per hour, 1 hour minimum, 10+acres**
Video and photo editing $150* per hour**

Broadcast news stations

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum. 
$275* per hour w/forward observer.
$300*per hour for breaking coverage.**
$400* per hour for breaking coverage w/hazard**

Political coverage

Flight time: $200* per hour, 1 hour minimum. Video and photo editing $150* per hour**
($1500 partially refundable deposit required at contract signing for certain parties°°)

underwater drone

Swim time: $200.00 Per Hour, 1 Hour Minimum
Hazardous Swim***: $200.00 Per Hour, 1 Hour Minimum, $1500.00 deposit
Boat time: $150.00 Per Hour, 1 Hour Minimum
Video editing: $150.00 Per Hour

*Set Up, Tax and Travel Fees May Apply 


*Price does not include relative state tax
Maine: 5.5%
New Hampshire: 0.0%
Vermont: 6%
Mass.: 6.25%
Rhode Island: 7%

**Travel, Setup, and per Diem may be added if needed.
***Hazardous swim includes, but is not limited to: Swift river currents, Treacherous Tidal Areas, Chemical swims, Cave swims and Tank swims. Deposit is Returned If No Harm To The Drone. 
Prices as of 08/07/2019
Prices subject to change without notice. For the most up to date prices, call us at 207-951-5002


The Matterport 3D camera can be used for many projects. For the most part, it is used for real estate both commercial and residential. The camera is starting to evolve into more of a diverse sales tool when it come to showcasing warehouse inventory. Your customers can browse your virtual warehouse and see what you have to offer. This often leads to more sales as the customers can stock up or impulse buy from your website.
Click Here To See A Sample!

Real Estate
Inside any Property

$100 + .10 per SF for up to 2500 SF. 
$100 + .08 per SF up to 5000 SF.
$100 + .05 per SF up to 7500 SF.
($100 is a one time setup fee per real estate office.) 
Outdoor 3D Photography
$200.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum


Price is $200 per flight hour, 1 hour minimum. $150 per hour post editing. 
Copyright transfer fee $500.
Deposit ($1500) contingent on amount used to video and process plus cost of copyright transfer minus what ever is left over will be returned.


Pricing for Aerial Photography, survey and inspections can be complicated depending on the job, location and scope.

Beware of websites that give you the "vetted" or "bulk store" pilots with just an hourly rate to hire them by, chances are, they're not as professional as they make them out to be.

We are not a "discount store" drone pilot search website who doesn't know their pilots personally.

We are a professional drone company with our own FAA licensed (Not FAA certified or approved) pilots, our own FAA registered aircraft and we will do nothing short of delivering the highest quality product for the most reasonable price. When booking a professional pilot's time for your special event, don't be fooled by "cheap prices". Remember, you get what you pay for. When a company is offering cheap prices, they don't value or perhaps use professional pilots.

When you talk to us, you're not talking to a third party affiliate that may be in another country charging pilots for their services to get appointments. We are right here in the heart of New England; Bangor, Maine.

We are here when you want us, there where you need us! And we will travel all over the world for you.