The right equipment for all your photography needs...

The equipment makes the professional. You demand the best and so do we. We have learned over the years you get what you pay for and with us, quality and performance is a demand we make and the equipment we use for the environments we're in is second to none. We chose our equipment according to our customer's demands and the results are nothing less than pure professional.

Sky Harbor Solutions Inc. has worked with many drones in the past and found the large cumbersome drones were nothing more than just that. The compact drones we use are actually more powerful than their over sized competitors. Large drones may look impressive, but we found that the larger they are, the longer set up is and the more maintenance was required with them. What really counts is the quality of the cameras on the drones, the ability to fly for long periods of time and a completely stable platform. The drones we use are rigorously tested for all three elements.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO

A very stable platform for high altitude video and still shots. This is one of our top choices for Orthomosaic maps. It's auto focus feature provides perfect 4K resolution at 25/29/30/60 Frames per Second and 1080p at 24/25/29/30/60 FPS.

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An excellent drone for mid altitude video and still photos. Manual focus and advance camera controls provide a beautiful depth of field photos. Equipped with a wide angle 2160p cinematic lens, the video quality is second to none.

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Just like it's little brother the MAVIC pro, but more quiet and higher efficiency motors for longer flight times. This drone is also capable of Orthomosaic topography and mapping.

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The MAVIC mini is perfect for low altitude video/stills as well as indoor shooting. It boasts a 2160p cinematic camera that produces breath taking pictures and videos.

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Boasting some of the best photographs, magazines like National Geographic and Time have published some of the most exquisite photographs in the world by photographers using the Canon 6D camera.   

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In this day and age of high end videography, nothing will do less than 4K photography and Panasonic is one of the industry leaders in 4K cinematographic cameras.  

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Sony 2200 Professional Camera

For some, the digital age is for them, but sometimes wedding planners and other event planners like the analog touch on digital tapes. The Sony 2200 Camcorder has been and still is in some circles in use due to it's high definition analog/digital platform. 

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DJI Mavic 2 pro

Equipped with multiple cameras including the famous Hasselblad brand, this drone is used for the highly sought after Orthomosaic Mapping which provides extremely precise mapping datum. Software can be used for BIM projects and site inspections.

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The flagship drone of our inspection fleet. The compact size and the full resolution FLIR camera boasts outstanding thermographic inspections. This drone is way less cumbersome than it's leading competitors for size, weight distribution, responsiveness and it's ability to maneuver into tighter spaces.  From inspections to search and rescue, this drone outdoes them all!!  

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise Dual

Built with advanced IR capabilities, the Enterprise Dual is the latest DJI has to offer the inspection realm. Safer to fly, MM accuracy, and an advanced IR/camera overlay, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Enterprise Dual packs the perfect inspection drone in a compact package. 

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Autel Live Deck

Want to see what the Drone sees? The Autel Live Deck seamlessly connects to any device you have from iPhones, Androids, HD TV, HD monitors and even goggles!
The Live deck is a must for Search and Rescue as it allows the Command Center see what the pilot is looking at wirelessly even at 4 miles away! 

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Capable of creating a user interactive 3D environment, the Matterport 3D camera is not only for the Real Estate world. Construction companies use this for all phases of construction for documentation and quality assurance. Other companies require this for static inventory control. An invaluable tool that has a 1001 uses!

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GoPro Hero 8  

Amazing HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization combines with a tough waterproof design to make this a super versatile action camera. A musta have for the video generation.

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Ordro  FPV action cam

Ordro Action cam is a must have personal camera for any site that requires FPV mode in order to record real time actions.

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For the customer that has a taste for the grain. This 720p camera has what your looking for when it comes to having that “patina” look on your videos.

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