* Real Estate photography/Videography
*3D imaging for 360 degree 3D views
* Utilities inspection (Electrical lines, poles etc.)
* Broadcast tower inspections
* Construction site Recon
* Company Advertising
* Family/Company events
* Weddings
* State/Political usage
* State Park events
* Search and Rescue
* Agriculture 
* Accident Reconstruction 
* News stations
*Underwater inspections and services
*Insurance Claims
*Orthomosiac Mapping Using Drone Deploy

We now offer...

Ground video production 

Many companies have a web site they use to offer clients a look at what they offer. Potential clients are now choosing to scan web sites rather than read content for their needs. The best way to get your message across quickly is by having a video of your website up front where the customer can see it while it gives them a quick synopsis of your web site.

Here is a great example:

A company called us and asked what we could do for them to promote their web site through a video medium. click the button below to see the results...

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For the most part...

We are aerial/underwater photography/videography specialists. Whether it's weddings, company events, family vacations, extreme sports, utilities inspections, boat hull inspections, looking for something dropped in a body of water or anything else you could imagine you'd need aerial, underwater or ground imaging for. Click the button below for a quick video addressing a small sample of what we can do... 

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Orhtomosaic mapping is a system that maps any amount of area into a readable data set map that gives the end user the information they need to complete any GIS driven project.

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